Over the years, many of the most successful trial lawyers throughout the U.S. have retained my business services. What they know, is that they are great litigators… and they should be in the courtroom. The problem is, the “business” of law hinges not just on successful verdicts… but on sound business operations that efficiently engage your resources and efforts into avenues that allow you to take control of your law practice as a business.

I offer expert insight and implementation of best business practices, specifically for law firms. Much of my time is spent analyzing revenue streams, sources of revenue and potential multi-firm litigation collaborations. What works, what doesn’t… and how to make it better.


I regularly follow legal and market  trends to identify key areas where legal practices can grow and prosper. It’s exhilarating to both devise a realistic strategy to target future growth and then implement it.


  • Attorney and Law Firm Lines of Credit

  • Trial Development Cost Funding

  • Individual Case Funding

  • Appeals Funding

  • Fee Advances on Settlements and Verdicts

CASE COLLABORATION: Do You Partner with Law Firms?

  • Do you work with the top Trial Lawyers in the country?

  • Do you participate in National Mass Tort Litigation?

  • Do you participate in National Class Action Litigation?

  • Do you collaborate with renown trial lawyers who add value?

  • Do you utilize to litigation partnerships to broaden your case porfolio?

  • Do you utilize case collaborations to bring the maximum amount of expertise for each specific case?

  • Do you form partnerships with other law firms enabling you share resources, thus reducing each firms costs?


    • What areas are you over-spending? Under-spending… and wasting money?

    • How can you increase your gross fees?

    • How can you increase your net income?

    • Does every attorney in your office have its own cost center?

    • Do you do a post resolution review on every case to determine the profitability of every case after it is concluded?

    • Before you take on a case do you project out the actual cost of litigating through trial and determine the realistic value of the case in net fees to the firm?

I’ve seen and been a part of these (and many other) valuable changes through countless law firms.

Above, are just some of the questions I ask as a Law Firm CFO Consultant & Business Strategist. They are examples of some often overlooked areas – mostly due to the fact that the law firm is so busy litigating, it’s ignoring basic business operations. Here are some more areas to think about…


  • What cases will be profitable in the future

  • Are the cases I currently have the kind of cases I want in the future

  • New Profit Targets

  • Case Evaluations

  • Financial Forecast

  • Growth of your Law Firm

  • Stability Planning


  • Pricing / Cost Modeling

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Profitability Analysis of Firm and Attorneys

  • Expenditures Analysis

  • Revenue Streams

  • Tax Advantages

How much are you willing to lose, month after month — quarter after quarter — year after year… CALL ME!


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