In the ever-evolving field of the litigation financing industry, Bill Tilley is more than just an entrepreneur, he is a leader in law firm growth and risk management. As CEO of Amicus Capital Services, Mr. Tilley manages the firm’s day to day operations, marketing, originations and personally handles all client relations.

Bill has personally originated well over 300 million attorney loans and structures and has participated in the origination of more than 400 million of the same.



Bill has been instrumental in the creation and innovation of litigation finance for the past 15 years. Joining Themis Capital in 1999, the first legal finance resource in California, Mr. Tilley was the primary growth force for the start-up. Bill would successfully expand Themis from 12mm in loans to over 135mm in just under four years’ time.

In 2004, Bill wrapped-up the Themis portfolio, and then became the single largest provider of litigation financing services. In only two years, Bill would significantly expand his company’s role, offering his financial expertise to law firms by introducing comprehensive settlement planning and financial advisory services in 2006.

In early 2007, he launched the first full-service financial services company that caters exclusively to trial focused law firms, Amicus Capital Services, LLC.

With a ten year background in sales, marketing, and business development, Bill came to the litigation finance industry with a superior rate of success. Bill has continually refined the risk management controls and business operations of law firm lending services, making his innovations commonly-emulated today by many other companies in the same field. Examples include case concentration risk matrices on a per firm and per portfolio basis, developing coverage ratios, and monitoring systems of borrowers required to ensure loan repayment and tort case valuation process.

Continuing his fifteen-year devotion to trial law firms, Bill also introduced “The Business of Law Advisory Services”, a resource which provides business guidance to select law firms throughout the country. Mr. Tilley counts many of the most successful trial attorneys in the country as personal friends and has developed a network in the thousands of invaluable industry contacts which enables him to facilitate productive partnerships and valuable collaborations.



As an expert on legal finance, Bill has spoken numerous times at attorney conferences throughout the United States. In addition, Mr. Tilley has been recognized on Public Justice’s Wall of Honor for his efforts in promoting the non-profit public interest association.


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