I’ve been a businessman all my life. I have consulted, advised and strategized with trial lawyers and law firms for over 15 years.

Recruited to launch what is now known broadly as the litigation finance industry, I began educating lawyers on a different and better way to run their law firm.

Back then, I could have never guessed that I would be working side-by-side with some of the greatest litigators in the United States. The list of course, is confidential… long… and impressive.

I work with attorneys whose backgrounds and practices vary widely. My expertise is often called upon to strategize and outline long term goals for law firms and their partners. I lay out a concrete plan to achieve documented benchmarks, while at the same time balancing the focus areas of litigation. Maximum resources for the law firm are pursued, while revenue, stability, longevity and most of all… bottom line profitability are elevated actions.

My clients know me as a steady, trustworthy, guiding voice of truth and reason. I know the roller-coaster ride of “business” at a law firm. I’ve been on that ride with a multitude of clients everyday for the past 15  years. Big law firms, small law firms… they all endure ups and downs, twists and turns… and I am there to hold their hand and let them know that with my help, they can get off that ride! My advice is sometimes hard to hear… yet always delivered with support, and a plan of action.

People say that I’m “always right.” And, it’s true… I usually am.

Why?  Because I make decisions based on business principles and I am realistic when making projections. I see the “big picture” laid out through business data, facts and analysis… not hope. When I predict that circumstances will turn in 18 months instead 3… believe me.

Sometimes lawyers need other lawyers. This is where my connections come into play. My personal Rolodex, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook… is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of quality legal connections. I am happy to facilitate collaborations between lawyers and law firms that make good business sense. Often times, knowing the personalities and business style of my clients gives way to unique opportunities for strategic collaborations that yield victory in the courtroom!

When a client of mine is faced with obstacles they call me. The reason might be a business issue or ethical dilemma. People call me because they know that I believe that the “right way” is the “best way.” I encourage focusing on the end result through difficult situations. I am here to remind my clients on their focus. I am here to help my clients reach their goal.


The greatest compliment is when I hear, “I wish I would have called you a year ago…” I usually reply famously with my voice of reason… “Well, we are here now, so let’s start with that…”

Finally, the roller-coaster can come to an end.